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Objectives of the Academic Programme

Objectives of the Academic Programme

At the end of the course, the Perioperative Nursing Student should achieve the following objectives:

1. Assess the Surgical patient to determine his/her physical and emotional needs

2. Evaluate the learning needs of the surgical patient and his family and perform teaching as needed

3. Provide physical and emotional support to the patient and his family during the perioperative period.

4. Exhibit Competence in the role of scrubbing and circulating.
5. Communicate, interest effectively, ensure safety and implement perioperative care decision with other members of the health team, Supervise and instruct perioperative nursing students and others; Control hospital cost through effective budgeting and auditingParticipate in architectural design of operating theatre department to effect efficiency and Quality patient careInitiate; conduct and participate in research projects directed towards surgical patient care and growth of the nursing profession