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Brief History Of School of Nurasing

School of Nursingl, University College Hospital, Ibadan is one of the Nursing Schools in Nigeria.The school was established as a result of the need for specialties require of certain skills which must be dveloped from a particular set of knowledge, ability, attitude and values. Approval was given by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria to the management and formal instructions commenced on July 1952..
The School admits students from all the thirty six (36) states of the federation, including Abuja. Since inception, the school has trained several clinical Nurses who are managers in various hospital clinics and wards in the nation and abroad.The course is a 36- month calendar programme from mid November of a year to the Next November and it runs in semesters.Ever since the establishment, the school has recorded tremendous progress in the fulfillment of the set objectives.
Presently, the school has gone beyond the original conception of its founders.

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Our Team

Mrs. Awodiya M.O.
Present Appointment:The School Coordinator


Mrs. Mr Makinde A.
Present Appointment: Asst. Director (Nursing Training)


Mr.Mrs Akingbesote F.F.
Present Appointment: Chief Midwife Tutor


Mrs. Awe C.M.
Present Appointment: Chief Midwife Tutor

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